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Facial Care

‘Skin’ Labs has 5 Series for Facial Care.

The facial care series are based on advance technologies which grant solutions for a variety of skin problems.

Facial Care Series

Foot Care

‘Skin’ Labs Foot Care Series

Dry pedicure series are produced from several aromatic oils and natural ingredients which treats a wide range of common foot problems.

Foot Care Series

Body Care

‘Skin’ Labs Body and Hair series

Body and hair care series are formulated with Dead Sea’s unique minerals, combined with Obliphica, Berries extract and Glaucine.

Body Care Series

The professional and advanced
solution for a variety of skin problems

  • A combination of black caviar, peptides and natural Dead Sea minerals helps to improve skin texture within a short time.
  • Contain active ingredients that protect the cells and strengthen the immune system of the skin
  • Rice extracts combined with berries restore, calm and proved an overall brightens to skin.
  • High quality products suitable for girls.
  • Various mixtures of fruit and vegetable combined with lactic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B3, active enzymes, and Dead Sea mineral for oily skin care.
  • A unique combination of vitamin complex, peptides and innovative technologies which regulate moisture and delay the process of skin aging.



Our company develops, manufactures and markets professional products for cosmetologist.

Many studies have been conducted unique components from the Dead Sea. With innovative technologies we are able to integrate active ingredients that provide solutions for various skin problems.

Chemists in our labs have developed several professional series which are particularly effective for a wide variety of skin problems.

We manufacture innovative products that are developing with technology, as our ampoule kits. The ampoules are concentrated with active extract ingredients.

Mesotherapy and ampoule treatment help the cosmetician to receive better results in a short period of time, mostly improvement can be seen after first treatment.

The products are manufactured for professional use in addition to home care kits to restore and keep skin’s health



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